Giano Currie | Fine Art Photographer, Filmmaker | Miami | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Miami
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Fine Art Photographer, Filmmaker
Specialties: Colored lighting, Shading, 15+ years of Photoshop Experience

- About -

Giano Currie creates unbiased visual answers in response to contemporary questions of our time. The genesis of his reasoning stems from his upbringing in one of the most diverse countries in the world (Suriname) and more recently; his time living as an immigrant in the United States. These contrasting experiences have given him a strong cultural compass which he uses to think about his subject-matter in a holistic way. As a photographer, Giano uses reflective metal as a tool which serves a unique purpose not often seen in photography. By including the reflective characteristics of aluminum, he is able to subconsciously include the viewer in his work, fostering an unspoken dialogue between his art and in turn; its witness.