Glen Mendes | Visual Artist, Fine art | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Visual Artist, Fine art
Specialties: illustration Fine Art Photography. Photoshop Digital Media concept and story development

- About -

A neo- symbolist artist I consider myself unique in art practice and in my experimental methods, previously a self-taught outsider artist and a late developer born into a non-creative family, I was different! I achieved a Visual Art graduate with а honours degree and MA from the University of UAL, looking to secure a Graduate position or similar to utilize my current creative skills and knowledge in art handling and also help me to further develop these skills in a practical and professional environment. I have the hungry energy of inspired ideas and Looking for a clear outlet of expression that will set me up for the longer term. My eventual career goal is to show my work in global art galleries travelling to remote locations that inspire my artwork I am a late starter but I’m determined to take a mid-career change and eventually become employed in the Art Scene sector and assume responsibility as an executive creative producer in Art Handling Image Research and Storytelling that will enable me to partake in quality production events and actively contribute to the overall success of any company I work for. I am an optimistic capable person, who copes with change in a flexible manner along with a persuasive manner and charm.