Gordon A Macpherson | Freelance Photographer, Socially Engaged Photographer | Glasgow | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Glasgow
Professional Title: Freelance Photographer, Socially Engaged Photographer
Specialties: documentary photography, music photography, editorial photography

- About -

As with many artists my work has evolved through greater understanding technically, and strong theoretical underpinnings Delighted to shoot all genres of photography, why? because of a love of making images, of all types, my progression is now to develop as a Socially Engaged Photographer and start to use my practice as an activist, highlighting what is either unseen and not understood, or seen and ignored. I love the thrill of live music photography, its intense but short, long term projects from mental health to urban life have opened awareness and created a greater understanding of my practice. I live in Scotland, at its beating heart of Glasgow, I know my country well both geographically and socially, and for its flaws its an astonishing country. I also thrive on travelling, shooting as I go, creating dynamic and contemporary, particulary enjoy mainland Spain, from its heart to the coasts.