Greg Stadler | Art, Creative, and Photo Director | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Creative Direction
Professional Title: Art, Creative, and Photo Director
Specialties: Print and Digital Advertising, Furniture and Interiors, Textiles and Home Decor

- About -

I’m an Art, Photo, and Creative Director who lives and works in New York City. My interest in design began in high school. An assignment in my first art class required the selection of a painting and a description of its elements. I purposefully chose a Color Field painting by Morris Louis. I wanted to understand how large areas of blank canvas and thin bands of pure color could lead the eye and combine to create expansive fields of absorbing beauty. From this moment on, I wanted to understand color, light, composition, and all qualities of good design that achieve visual success and conceptual meaning. Further studies in the fine arts provided me with a keen eye for detail, and a love for subtlety and nuance. It is this knowledge that I want to effectively apply to my art and photo direction projects. I believe that it is often simple gestures and attention to detail that empower print and digital messaging to sing or tell a story, and create a meaningful and resonant connection with its audience. Working primarily in Retail Marketing and E-commerce, I’m especially passionate about creating stunning and compelling marketing content for product and services. I find great inspiration in working with well designed spaces and interiors, furniture, textiles, and utilitarian or decorative objects.