haoua | Visual artist and writer | Paris | Art Jobs
Country: France
City: Paris
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual artist and writer

- About -

If I could’ve been a flower I would’ve been one. Surrounded by my friends in a green heaven, I’d grow till I blossomed. What if we were all different flowers? There’s always been art, an escape, a solution, to express oneself, in a different way, screaming without even saying a word. Art, dreams, colors. Have you ever seen a colorless flower? I’ve traveled, around the world, I have fed on new encounters, fed my imagination, to be able to always create more, dream more. My relationship with my work is very intimate, each of them tells a story in their own way. Colors, lines, curves, they all communicate in their own way and lead to a message. My work is a reflection of what inhabits my mind. Lines, sometimes tortured, sometimes gentle, sometimes candid. The means are diverse, watercolor, acrylic, but also photography, I was step by step able to find the best escape to cure my ills or just express myself. My work communicate with those who lay an eye on them, creating a link between the work, the one looking at it and the one who created it. My goal is to bring everyone closer through my art. My work is engaged and I would like for it to spark questioning, dialogues, the exchange of ideas. I get from my own mixity a rich cultural background, which granted me references and inspiration. Having lived in Dakar for 17 years, then in Paris where I studied architecture and design, my journey is inherent to my creative process. My work is a part of my universe, of my world and of the thoughts that fuel it.