Hildy Maze | Artist | East Hampton | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: East Hampton
Professional Title: Artist

- About -

This work is an abstract contemplative way of looking at self as continually conflicted trying to keep alive the fiction of its existence Living in this culture of the selfie this work turns the idea of “selfie” on itself in that I’m investigating the nature of mind through these images questioning how and why we ignore our inherent basic nature of mind. We ask questions about everything out there; I’m questioning that which creates the question, i.e. our mind. Each image represents the space of our mind. I see this work having a sense of community, a universal benefit beyond being a “picture”. Being abstract figurative representational form as the reference point gives the images an intimacy. These images evolve from within themselves, unfolding in a chain of experiments and reactions. Each piece is the result of a singular unpredicted development that varies from image to image, each with a collage layering, fluctuate somewhere between the painterly and the graphic. Over the course of time, I have developed an expanding repertoire of forms and patterns, a series within a series that are recognizable as recurring elements. The work feels experimental resisting finality like suggestions or notes or indications of possibilities. Just as all things are impermanent, and at the same time nothing is final, changes and adjustments can continually happen. With this work I propose a visual meditation beyond the boundaries of the images into our own minds noticing not only the comings and goings of our thoughts and emotions, but the natural space of mind’s empty, cognizant unconfined equality continually awake and aware.