Holly Savas | Artist & Graphic Designer | San Francisco | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: San Francisco
Professional Title: Artist & Graphic Designer
Specialties: Collage, Mixed Media, Adobe Creative Suite

- About -

"My favorite part of being an artist and graphic designer is finding a way to distill everything I absorb from my environment — the shapes of buildings downtown, the light and shadows of trees in Golden Gate Park or the colors of the beach — into a small, concentrated dose of my experiences. It’s satisfying to look at a collection of my work, from enormous collages on down to the smallest logo created for a client, and revisit the sensory memories contained within them. I view my work as a filter that exaggerates what I've experienced, a way to replace what I actually saw with what I wish I had seen, in order to convert reality into a slightly more optimistic version of itself." - Holly Savas