Ilka Theurich | VISUAL PERFORMANCE ARTIST, CURATOR for contemporary art | Hannover | Art Jobs

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"I listen, speak, write, perform, imagine, curate, edit, coach, fight, communicate..." Ilka Theurich has exhibited and performed in a variety of countries and contexts. She works as an artist, coach, curator, and educator of a broad range of projects, including large-scale events, intimate performances, publications and workshops. Her diverse work includes in-situ installations, video/sound installations, performances, drawings and participatory projects in public space. Her artistic work revolves around questions of the performative context of space, horizontal democracy, critical spatial practice and spatial politics. She is interested in the deployment of her social-poetical-performance-practice as a methodology in the field of critical spatial practice. She collaboratively works and consults on conceptualizing and implementing performance art-based research on urban planning and architecture. Since December 2017 she combines her research approaches in the Performance Studies, with Coaching. Theurich uses a wide repertoire of practical tools, to professionally support and accompany people in their processes of clarification, development and change. Her aim is, to deal with concerns in coaching, effectively and sustainably.