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Remote collaborators for AAAGENCYYY, an international contemporary art blog





Application Deadline: 

Hello! I've been running AAAGENCYYY, an international contemporary art blog for two years now both on Instagram and Tumblr.

It's something that I really enjoy and I'm currently looking for collaborators, people with a certain sensibility and eye that could help me to research art around the world to feature on the blog. The collaboration could be for a fixed time (say two weeks, or a month) or be open ended if it works for both. If I decide to use any of the suggestions from the collaborators, you'd be credited as a guest curator and perhaps if it's something you enjoy, you could even write short personal critical texts to go with the posts or do studio visits with photo reports and artist interviews. 

There is no money involved. Just passion and not pressure of any kind.

The blog mainly focus on painting, sculpture/installation and photography. It presents works in a broad array of styles and subjects. It's a growing platform and there are many ideas for the future including a webzine when the time is right.

There are recurrent themes throughout the blog and a number of ideas which I'd have to explain.  

If you like what you see on the blog Instagram profile and think you could enjoy a challenge please get in touch! 

We are also looking for graphic designers interested in designing a poster for AAAGENCYYY as part of a series. Again, no money involved but lots of exposure.


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