Irina Pushkareva | Irina Pushkareva | Miami | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Miami
Professional Title: Irina Pushkareva
Specialties: Photoshop

- About -

Irìna Pushkareva ​In her work Irina Pushkareva explores the spiritual relation between humans and animals. She takes myths and legends of indigenous people as the starting points for her research, for she believes that it was the way our ancestors saved their knowledge for future generations. Currently, her research centers around lion symbolism, and history of indigenous groups on the African continent. Pushkareva realized that in school and in the university they never teach us about the history and the belief systems of the nations below Egypt. Over time, her works became an archive of information that the majority of us in Western society, including herself, are deprived of. ​Apart from this, Irina Pushkareva is inspired by the main concept of quantum physics, which states that everything is made out of energy that constantly keeps moving. Three years ago, she started painting in oil the separate, moving, wave-like sections of color that compose a painting, but still exist on their own. They represent that constantly moving force of life that is around and within us. ​Irina Pushkareva was born in Kurgan, Russia in 1996. She was trained in traditional ways of painting and drawing in Arkhangelsk Art Academy “Rapsodiya” in Moscow, where she graduated from with Outstanding Achievements. In 2018, Pushkareva received her BFA degree in Fine Art from Parsons, The New School. During her junior year in college, she had her first solo art show in New York, after which she was commissioned to make 3 large paintings for a private client. Recently, her art works were exhibited at the Art Hearts Fashion Show in New York, and Nude Nite Art Show in Orlando, Florida.