Ishmael Ramjohn | Visual Artist | Brooklyn NY | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn NY
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual Artist
Specialties: photoshop & Lightroom, Mac and PC computer systems, Final Cut Pro

- About -

Ishmael Ramjohn (June 27th, 1991 Tampa, Florida) creates photos, media art, and conceptual artworks. Ramjohn tries to increase the dynamic between fantasy and reality by objectifying emotions and analyzing the duality that evolves through different visions. Without the constraints of historical reality of people, architecture and animals, he can image and interpret without hindrances.Ttypical objects undergo reworking and revamping. By experimenting with aleatoric processes, he formalizes the serendipitous and emphasizes the sentient process of composition that is behind the seemingly arbitrary works. Using raw sources of dream worlds and subjective working content delivered in thematic groupings of everyday objects and examining the ambiguity and derivation via retakes and development: I use daily practices to gesture traditional art fundamentals with my work. I display appreciation for differences in realms of memory and experiences, while trying to invoke a wide range of topics in idiosyncratic ways. My works feature coincidental, accidental and surprising ties that develop new takes on art and tend to draw inspiration form other visual artist such as Neil Krug. I choose to expresses full moments that are personal and forged by means of rules, exclusions, conformations and odd perceptions that entice viewers. “I’ve always tried to make things more about the mood than the photo itself.” - Neil Krug Florida has limited growth opportunities, therefore my new residence will be in Brooklyn as of mid January 2018