Janrace Prudent | Mixed Media Artist, Graphic Designer | Denver | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Denver
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Mixed Media Artist, Graphic Designer

- About -

I am Janrace Prudent, a.k.a. JRP. My colorful world is overflowing with creativity. I am an artist. A yogi. A visionary. Yet, I am so much more. As a self-taught mixed media artist, I push myself to experiment with surfaces, materials and tools. My art is the perfect blend between contemporary and abstract. I work with fluid acrylics, resin, textures and vivid colors and infuse every piece with femininity, love and positive vibes. For me, art is life and my art represents a personal connection to the higher spirit. It is a manifestation of my spiritual essence, fun and happy. I hope to stimulate the viewer. To provide a feeling of joy and perhaps illicit a smile. As my imagination is vividly expressed in each creation, I hope to take viewers on a colorful journey to that blissful spirit within themselves.