Jarvis | Artist | Leicester | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Leicester
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Artist
Specialties: +2 years Painting, + 10 years Drawing

- About -

As an artist, I currently find that in my work I’m often celebrating a reverence for nature and the inner world of the human experience. Dreams, the unconscious mind and the mystery of not knowing what life really fascinates me and is something I enjoy thinking about. I see each painting as a quest which opens up the whole process and often results in a sense of ambiguity and subjectivity wrapped in an otherworldly and dreamlike aesthetic. The tension that exists between the known and unknown is what inspires me to paint. I’m often looking for something in the work but fail to identify what exactly it is and instead repeatedly realise that what ultimately matters is the process, the quest; the journey itself. More recently I’ve noticed that in my paintings I’m continually reaching to somehow find a way in which I can communicate to others the beauty of the human experience regardless of how it appears and unfolds, hoping to evoke a sense of introspection and a deeper appreciation for life nature and our experience of it. “Things are not always what they seem; the first appearance deceives many; the intelligence of a few perceives what has been carefully hidden.” (Phaedrus). I enjoy making imaginative paintings and alongside this I’m continuously absorbing, examining and digesting diverse models through reading, drawing from life, memory as well as found and collected imagery from various sources.