Jeanine Saurette | Studio Manager | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Studio Manager
Specialties: Art installation, Art instruction, Social Media and Admin

- About -

I am a visual artist from Winnipeg, Canada. I’ve very recently moved to London, being granted a two-year work visa my objective is to gain experience specifically in studio and/or gallery management. I am most eager to assist artists and curators alike. After finishing my Fine Arts Honors degree at the University of Manitoba I interned at a residency program called Residency Unlimited in Brooklyn, New York. There I was the social media intern helping promote RU through a variety of media outlets, I also regularly helped install and produce artist’s work. I worked with a variety of personalities publicizing their events and creating promotional material in a fast paced environment. As I said, this left me with a broad range of skills in art production and installation, from carpentry skills to fine art painting and drawing. I’ve helped establish an underground art/event space within an arts warehouse in Winnipeg. I’ve most recently been on a committee for an emerging art gallery, facilitating new work with artists, establishing promotional tactics and managing openings /exhibitions. I’ve taught Painting and Figure Drawing to adults through the Winnipeg art gallery. While working as a Art Instructor and sitting on the Flux committee I worked full time managing a recreational aquatic facility for the city of Winnipeg. There I organized facilities maintaining health and safety, managed events and courses, kept track of course rosters and attendance and promoted courses through the leisure guide as well as club bookings. I also had to problem solve and think on my feet if an instructor was late or a patron was unhappy. I am well equipped for a multitude of tasks in a studio and gallery environments and would love to employ here in London!