Jess Grippo | Performing Artist | Brooklyn | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Brooklyn
Industry: Performing Arts
Professional Title: Performing Artist

- About -

Although I quit dancing after high school and thought I'd missed my chance, I proved my 19-year-old self - and society - wrong. My DIY dance videos on YouTube years later were the catalyst for reviving my dance practice AND transitioning my career into my own business and brand, all based on dance. Since, then I've been invited to speak and perform on stages like TEDxNYU, Lincoln Center's Dance On Camera Festival, New York's Got Talent! competition show, and the New York Comedy Club. While I was once the shyest of shy ballerinas (seriously, I barely spoke to my classmates and was voted "Most Likely to Be Seen With: A Tasty D-Lite ice cream cone"), I'm now frequently found dancing spontaneously with strangers in the streets, subways, airports, parks, and more - and making videos with them. My You Can Dance Again programs and videos have helped hundreds of people in NYC and beyond to reclaim their sense of self through dance, feel at home in their bodies, and revive their creative expression.