Jess Hazell | Jess Hazell Art | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Jess Hazell Art
Specialties: oil painting

- About -

I am an Australian painter currently living and working in London. I largely work with oils to create portraits of women and occasionally men that I feel a strong sense of femininity from. I am self-taught and have not had professional training, but have been working as a serious part-time artist for the last 2 years. I tend to work with the same palette, consisting of purples, blues, pinks and subtle warm tones of flesh and yellow that disrupts the idea of traditional portraiture being realistic and in turn conjures a sense of emotion and engagement with provocative colours. My paintings can take anywhere up to a couple of hours to a month to complete depending on how detailed/loose they need to be in order to convey a certain emotion or intention. I like to isolate different parts of the body in my paintings and create a sense of worship and admiration for the sensuality that exists in every part of us. Some of my work is more comical than others which allows for a balance between the joyful and whimsical nature of humans compared to a more sincere and deeper level of self. I enjoy giving attention to each part of the body, especially when it comes time to paint and can properly delve into the lines, creases and shadows that result in a beautiful representation of feminine energy. I like to find a comfortable balance between a political stance and personal intention. Constantly fighting against the gender roles and femininity being cursed for vulnerability and weakness, i want to reclaim sexuality and beauty standards from the male gaze and propel it into the forefront of cultivating a strong sense of self by eradicating false confidence and moulding it into an honest soul. Understanding eroticism as a tool for confidence and connection is an important idea in my work and does not always have to be suggestive of sex (although sometimes it does, because that’s natural and part of life) but just feeling beautiful and fearless in your complexity. Whilst it is so integral to make my work earnest and candid, I do love to let go and enjoy the freedom and power that lends itself to feminine energy. Something that is so chaotic, wild, intuitive, sensual and grounding begs to be revelled in and I always feel empowered when I paint these women (or even when I paint men who undoubtedly embody these qualities).