Jessica Lloyd-Jones | Visual artist | Llangollen | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Llangollen
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual artist
Specialties: Concept development, Art/ Creative Direction / Design, Sculpture

- About -

Merging art, science and technology, Jessica Lloyd-Jones' work explores concepts of energy, matter and natural phenomena through the experimental use of materials and light to reveal new perspectives on the world in which we live. She presents this enquiry in a broad portfolio of work which includes installations, projection and sculpture created from a variety of materials and processes, drawing inspiration from scientific subject matter and the natural world. Experimenting with the physical properties of materials and the intangible nature of light, the artist often employs elements of illumination, colour and optics to evoke active energy and sensory experience. Lloyd-Jones collaborates with specialists in varying fields of science research as well as architects and design teams. Her large scale public art works reinterpret sites through imaginative and engaging artistic approaches.