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Duapux Jesus was born in the Province of Mendoza. He studied drama and theater arts during primary school time. The Department of Culture of the Province of Mendoza awarded him a scholarship to take dance and drama lessons in Buenos Aires. The choreographer Ricky Pashkus granted him a scholarship to take lessons in performing arts in his private studio and in the Julio Bocca Foundation. He took drama lessons with Miguel Cavia and Monica Bruni. In dramaturgy, he was trained by Cecilia Propatto in the Rojas Culture Center (CCR). He obtained a scholarship from Pamela Gonzalez and Olga Ferri for dancing lessons. He joined the contemporary dance workshop of the San Martin Theater and ARTEXXI. He acted and danced in the permanent ballet company of the National University of Cuyo participating in plays such as: Le Corsaire, The Nutcracker, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Sleeping Beauty, Richard III, Orfeo ed Euridice, all under the direction of Régisseur Stefano Poda held at the Independencia Theater. SchoolInHe performed research in cinema studies within the FUC (School of the University of Cinema) and graphic design in the Da Vinci 2016 he settled in Paris to work on the video documentation of the artist and teacher Julio le parc where he learns about the art world, he takes as conversations the teacher and his son Yamil Le parc. Accompany and register exhibitions in Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Paris, Madrid, Miami, New York, Belgium, etc. In 2017 she studied the world of theater dance with Cristiana Morganti disciple of Pina Bausch and created two pieces of theater dance. In 2018 he joined the theater company M.I.A directed by Clara Bauer, that year he acted in the museum of fine arts in Brussels in. a piece created for the united nations. In 2019 he travels to Los Angeles - Claifornia invited by the Lima mion agency to work on two short films with actress Sandra Morlett directed by Carolena Martinez Villavicencio. in 2020n prepares an exhibition in confinement season