Joanne McGarry | Artist, Lecturer of Art | Newcastle Upon Tyne | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Newcastle Upon Tyne
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Artist, Lecturer of Art
Specialties: Abstract Art, fumage art, printing

- About -

My practice is embedded and mirrors my values and beliefs, which are non-materialistic and utilitarian in orientation. This fosters a strong desire to repurpose objects and materials in my art and through this process an enquiry into ‘impermanence’ has developed. The aim of my investigation is to capture the temporality of memory, sentimentality and loss, exploring the fragility of life and the certainty of death. Exploring ‘impermanence’ through installation and performance I aim to evoke for the audience elusiveness and change, making these intangible realities tangible, focusing on the audience’s experience of uncertainty in the spaces I cultivate. Central to my practice is my source material that I refer to as my ‘hoard’, a substantial accumulation of disparate objects, embracing a diversified assortment of sentimental inherited items and mementos together with found, salvaged objects, which I struggle give up or throw away. I am inspired and spurred on to do so by a compulsion and impulse to accumulate. This gives me to scope to create and curate objects into particular configurations, each installation temporally bound. While the installations I create stand alone without my presence, part of my practice involves me as an agent working intuitively to create temporary spontaneous assemblage, to construct and deconstruct installations during audience viewing. The sprawling environments are a touchstones to the playfulness revealed during the performance of creating, with the changing form of the sculptures opening up dialogues between materials/objects while migrating memories of what came before. A fundamental part of my practice is creating abstract fumage paintings, capturing the ethereal quality of smoke upon the canvas, the hazy images suggestive of fragility. Whilst developing the fumage work I often use objects from my hoard to create the pieces, regularly working on hand made paper also made from my hoard. Within all elements of my practice I resist loss and decay by promoting re-use and repurpose, whilst developing a preference for more traditional, low-tech techniques. The cornerstone of my participatory art practice within the community is exploring methods of printing, including lino printing and Japanese woodcut, doing so cultivates my passion for print using traditional methods that could otherwise be eclipsed by technological advances. Working with in the community I am able to utilize transferable skills gained throughout my career, I have almost twenty years experience working with children, both mainstream and additional needs and their families, as well as engaging with hard to reach groups. Alongside this I am also a Sessional Art Lecturer working within the adult learning and skills sector.