Joann Renner | Visual Fine Artist | Butler | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Butler
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: Visual Fine Artist
Specialties: oil and pastel painting, expressionist art, art history research

- About -

I love architecture and urban life! Architecture breathes with the life of its community. Depth of field composition, how color and light move over the elements and textures allow for the examination of feelings of possibilities & uncertainties as one goes through life. Examination of human reactions to one's surroundings such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, hope, or positivity is of paramount importance. My own experiences with these issues in my family and myself serve as a basis for my work. The current series of Monoliths paintings, as well as some architectural images, address mental health issues using Expressionist techniques. Primary subjects are bridges, architecture, urbanscapes, landscapes, and historical sites.  Architecture embodies and reflects the people of a community. It can lift up a neighborhood, or bring it down. The issue of inclusion of long-term, current residents, most of whom built the character of their neighborhoods and urban areas in revitalization efforts is a passion of mine as reflected in works of my adopted city of Pittsburgh. I work primarily in Expressionist style oils and pastels. Oil color glazing techniques accentuate color effects and mood. I sketch outdoors or use my own reference photos, then work on final paintings in my studio.