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Balletic dancer for a Contemporary Dance Theatre






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650 Eur/month base to the hand + bonuses
Application Deadline: 
August 19th

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Contemporary Dance Theatre is looking for Male Balletic dancer

AURA Dance Theatre based in Kaunas, Lithuania is looking for one male dancer to join the Company immediately for upcoming season of 2019/2020.

Candidates must have a professional level physique, highly flexible body with great technique of ballet, good/great technique in contemporary dance and strong improvisational skills. Open to expressing themselves in non-traditional ways. 

Note! AURA Dance Theatre will not accept applications from dancers who have only ballet, street dance or hip-hop dance backgrounds.

We offer: Official full-time work contract according Lithuanian (EU) standards with a regular monthly salary, all social guarantees and possibility to be additionally encouraged. In addition, company’s dancers will have the opportunity to work with guest choreographers and tours abroad.

Deadline for applications: August 19th

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