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Minnesota Street Project Art Services is seeking a full-time Warehouse Coordinator, with at least 3 years experience in an art shipping organization or museum. The Warehouse Coordinator will exhibit a friendly and approachable demeanor with all Minnesota Street Project clients, staff, and vendors, acting as a positive ambassador for the Art Services department, as well as the overall Project. This individual acts as the point-person for warehouse scheduling and works closely with other departments to maintain on-time resolutions to time-sensitive projects. This person must value teamwork, have a keen eye for detail, and a passion for art in addition to possessing an aptitude for organization with administrative expertise. This person will demonstrate understanding of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Access in the arts and in our daily lives, and has cultural flexibility/agility and a commitment to fostering a respectful and
inclusive work environment.

Essential Responsibilities:

• Maintain excellent relationships with clientele and vendors, including collectors, galleries, institutions, consultants, and other arts professionals, ensuring industry-leading client satisfaction; ensure strong communication is facilitated and deadlines are continually met.
• Manage the daily scheduling/and utilization of hourly warehouse team-members to maximize capacity and efficiency, ensuring jobs are completed in a timely manner and within budget; strategically populate warehouse calendar with appropriate resources within our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.
• Schedule deliveries (receipts and releases) for multiple warehouse locations through the CRM on behalf of clients, coordinating dock availability with 3rd party shippers.
• Review job expectations with warehouse teams, maintaining contact throughout the day, proactively gauging and resolving scheduling concerns; prepare warehouse teams for additional duties/redirection of tasks, and ensure all artworks are properly staged in advance of next day releases.
• Produce all bills of lading (BOLs) to transfer client property in and out of each warehouse location, as well as in-house work orders (WOs) for both client related and non-client-related jobs; this includes photography sessions and viewing room appointments.
• Review paperwork daily to check for detailed accuracy; source and secure necessary artwork release authorizations and process completed BOLS to meet monthly billing deadlines.
• Collaborate daily with Project Coordinator to finalize overlapping logistics such as field job extensions into the warehouse, preparedness of artworks for the field jobs, and Field Art Handler availability for (inhouse) Warehouse-based jobs.
• Collaborate with Operations Manager to schedule internal works orders (facilities-related tasks, meetings, trainings, etc.), working to secure availability in a timely manner.
• Notify Registration when shipments come in for long-term storage; request pulllists from Registration to schedule in timely manner for collection releases.
• Assist in ensuring heighted warehouse quality control, suggest process, policy, and training recommendations as they arise to best support the movement of artworks and our teams.
• Create packing estimates for safe long-term storage (soft-packs/crates); work directly with clients and each department to develop packing plans for storage and safe transit as needed.
• Attend weekly office and department meetings, as well as occasional programming events at 1275 Minnesota Street and team gatherings.
• Performs other related duties as required.

Required Skills, Abilities, and Experience:

• Minimum 3 years experience in an art shipping organization or museum; must have first-hand warehouse and/or field work experience.
• Ability to quickly identify and resolve problems, effectively prioritize, and manage time efficiently, ensuring projects stay on schedule.
• Attention to detail and accuracy are expressed in day-to-day jobs/projects.
• Excellent communication and client services skills, both verbally and written.
• Proficient with PC and Mac operating systems and software, including Adobe and Microsoft Suites and Filemaker Pro; knowledgeable with the G Suite and CRMs.
• Extended knowledge of crate construction and packing is a plus.

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