Residency Manager



Ways Residency is looking for a live-in Residency manager. 

The person is responsible for the care and uptake of the facility and the management of the guetss durnig their stay. 

The job is collaborative with one other off-site team member,. This is a great oportunity for an artist or writer who wants a lot of time for their practice in a residential setting and is intrested in experience in a residency management. Their is a small salary and free accommodation. 

The candidate must be physically fit enough  for house maintenace tasks. The location is in a rural environment. 

dansePlatForma#23 Open Call

dansePlatForma was born 3 years ago with the aim of establishing an artistic cooperation between east and west.

For this 2nd edition, we have decided to invite Ukrainians artists and to extend dansePlatForma to the whole of eastern Europe. We will welcome artists who border on the conflict in Ukraine, as well as Russian artists who are dissident or opposed to the war.

Keeping the dialogue with artists in Europe is now more necessary than ever. Our commitment will be continued with the new edition of dansePlatForma, both transnational and deeply European.

CASTING: "15:30 St. Pancreas" dir. John Botros

English: Helen and Sebastian, a young couple, wait for a train while discussing an operation. An adaptation of Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway.

français: Hélène et Sébastien, un jeune couple, attendent un train en discutant d'une opération. Une adaptation de Hills Like White Elephants d'Ernest Hemingway

CASTING: "T'es Belle" dir. Eva Pollitt

English: Rose is a young woman searching for love in a quarantine. Will the next swipe be the one?

français: Rose est une jeune femme à la recherche de l'amour en quarantaine. Le prochain coup sera-t-il celui-là ?

CASTING: "Love Me Yellow" dir. Hannah Warnes

English: "Love Me Yellow" is a new psychological thriller written and directed by Hannah Warnes. 

français: "Love Me Yellow" est un nouveau thriller psychologique écrit et réalisé par Hannah Warnes.

Freelance Content Creator

We are looking for men and women of all ages to take part in an ongoing digital project, by capturing their daily life through photos.

This photographic content will be used on a digital database for web developers to create backdrops, video game detailing and internet comparisons.

Your information will not be used anywhere without your consent and is protected by an image rights contract.


The selected candidates will receive:

400€ -30 selfies & candids photos & 25 environment* photos


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