Kafka's Bird

Synopsis: Set in Germany, in 1924. Franz Kafka and Dora Diamant
(his lover) encounter Ruth Baumman (a young orphan) crying over
her lost doll in the park. As a means of comforting her, Kafka
writes her letters, as if from the doll, about her adventures
traveling the world. They develop a friendship. As Kafka is
dying of tuberculosis and will soon move to Prague, he must
figure out a viable conclusion to the doll’s supposed letter
writing. Before they part ways, he gives her a locket that she

Casting real people and groups of friends in the fabulous fashion world in Paris, France


A popular major streaming network is now casting a new aspirational lifestyle docu-series that follows the fabulous fashion world of Paris, France. Think "Emily in Paris” meets “The Hills.”

We are seeking a diverse group of English-speaking Paris residents in the world of modeling, fashion, design, PR, influencers, artists, and socialites who are dynamic, outgoing and between the ages of approximately 20 and 29-ish.  (We’re also open to footballers, musicians, chefs, entrepreneurs etc.)

Cast for performing in Odesa (Ukraine) and Berlin (Germany)

Our organization has been creating and showing musical performances in Ukraine for 7 years. Now we are preparing a theater project for co-production between Ukraine and Germany.

The project involves the creation of a performance in English with a mixed cast of actors from both countries (7 artists and 3 technicians).

FRANCE: actors/makeup (m/f), 16-50, French spkrs, for short film in Paris

We are students from Paris College of Art. We are making a student film project.We are looking for English-French dual language actors who fit into these characters and makeup artist.

The film will be shoot on March 12th-14th. Near Paris Gare du Nord. During the shooting we provide the lunch and dinner.

If you are interested in this student film project, please contact the email below, we will set up a Zoom casting with you as soon as possible.

Tingou Wu


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