ANTAGÓNICOS is a bilingual (Spanish - English) Contemporary art Magazine based in Berlin.
We are working on our first ISSUE!!

What are we looking for?
- Contemporary artists
- Creatives who want to join us
- Copywriters (Cinema, theater, literature...)

What do we need?
- Portfolio
- Statement (English or Spanish)
- Bio
- What does the word /antagónicos/ mean to you?

DEADLINE: June 30, 2020 - 23:59, CET (Berlin Time)


AUDITION for new creation Compagnia Petrillo Danza

Compagnia Petrillo Danza
a male and a female dancer to join the Company for the new production "Powder", which will premiere on 12th November 2020 at Teatro Comunale di Modena, with repeat performances being defined.
Choreographies Loris Petrillo, production Twain Centro di Produzione Danza Regionale, coproduction Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Modena, in collaboration with Scenario Pubblico - Centro Nazionale di Produzione Danza, Festival OrizzontiVerticali/Fondazione FabbricaEuropa, Festival Bellanda/ERT FVG.

Seeking Actors Male + Female for a SHORT Teaser

Seeking Male & Female Actors for a quick SHORT SPECIAL VALENTINE'S DAY TEASER!

In honor of Valentine's day we are shooting a quick short 30 second (3 scene video)

The story line will consist of a boyfriend + girlfriend duo. In which the male tries to impress the female with his singing talent, but fails to do so!


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