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Production and Stage Manager




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Position Production and Stage Manager 

Company American Repertory Ballet (ARB) and Princeton Ballet School (PBS) with locations in Princeton, Cranbury and New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. 

Reporting Relationships The Production and Stage Manager reports to the Artistic Director. Reporting to the Production Manager is the Wardrobe Supervisor and Assistant(s), and all production crew and overhire. 

Travel This position will be based in New Brunswick, and responsible for all ARB/PBS locations. There is some travel associated with this position. 



Production Manager’s services shall include, but are not limited to: 

–Coordinate theater/rehearsal schedules with artistic director -Coordinate technical schedules with lighting designers, union stagehands, and theater/facility management -Create initial theater schedule/crew calls for union stagehands (and non-union as appropriate) during load in/rehearsals/show call/load out; act as deciding voice when changes requested/required – Create and manage the production budget, including segmented budgets in detail per venue, working closely with the Finance Director -Coordinate rentals (including some contract writing) for both ARB’s use (costume and scenic) and the use of ARB holdings by outside groups -Coordinate facility rentals with outside groups (including on-site management/representation as required) -Coordinate rental/purchase of necessary theater supplies (dry ice, genie lifts, etc) -Coordinate theater transportation (shipping/trucking of performance elements) – Coordinate dancer transportation if necessary – Arrange hotels, per diem, and catering when applicable -Maintain audio/video archives of company (and school as well) -Oversee monthly safety meetings, store archival sign-in and follow-up on noted issues (leaks, pest, etc) 

-Coordinate over-hire staffing for load in/load out, special projects, etc. -Coordinate Front of House issues with Box Office and House Managers, particularly for in-studio – late seating periods/notes, timelines of seating availability, placement of reserved seating and ADA accessible seating, etc -Supervise load in/load out -Oversee floor cleaning of studio and performance flooring -Coordinate facility maintenance/issues -Work with choreographers/artistic staff to edit recorded music (or outsource appropriately if beyond abilities/technological resources) -Create promotional videos for YouTube/social media as requested -Build/maintain scenery and props as needed for performances (or outsource appropriately if beyond technical capabilities) -Create in conjunction with designers, appropriate documentation for theater load in (hang plots, scenic lists, shift sheets, etc) -Create and implement lighting for in-studio performances -Create/maintain documentation/archival records (photos, lists, etc) of sets and props in ballet inventory for future company use and/or potential rentals. -Other duties as assigned 

Stage Manager’s services shall include, but are not limited to: 

-Attend relevant rehearsals and run-throughs in studio -Oversee rehearsals during tech/pre-performance week -Create paperwork for backstage: sign in sheets, dressing room assignments/signs, posting schedules, etc. -Work with lighting designers & choreographers to develop calling scripts for shows -Call shows in performance -Take/distribute notes to appropriate technical departments -Provide running documents to relevant departments to accurately perform scene changes, prep for shows, etc -Set up/prepare in-studio seating for observed rehearsals, invited events, etc. -Other duties as assigned 


Bachelor’s degree with 3 years minimum experience in production management, preferably for a performing arts organization. Must be organized, detail-oriented, and adaptable with good problem solving skills. Excellent communication and time management skills are required. Must demonstrate the ability to manage budget expenses. 

This position is exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”), as well as under any and all applicable state (New Jersey) and local laws, rules and regulations. 

Competitive compensation package. About American Repertory Ballet: 

The mission of American Repertory Ballet ( is to bring the joy, beauty, artistry and discipline of classical and contemporary dance to New Jersey and nationwide audiences through artistic and educational programs, presented by a financially responsible organization. This mission is fulfilled through our preeminent classical and contemporary ballet company, ARB’s Access & Enrichment initiatives, programs designed to expose the community to the art form of dance, as well as at Princeton Ballet School, one of the largest and most respected non-profit dance schools in the nation. It is through these three branches of ARB that the organization’s vision is pursued: “To Entertain, Educate, Enlighten, and Inspire with the Beauty and Passion of Dance.” 

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