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Noam Toran The Jungle, The Gallery



The Jungle is the first of a series of immersive works by artist Noam Toran which draw from the traditions of political theatre from the first half of the 20th century.

From the Soviet Proletkult to the agitprops of pre-war Europe, through to the socialist, anarchist, and union-run troupes in the Americas and European colonies, the project reveals the dynamic ways in which working class theatre, through its coalescing of fictional and factual material, has informed and infected radical consciousness.

The Gallery is delighted to host Torans first adaptation, a satirical, carnivalesque production of Upton Sinclairs The Jungle, the classic muckraking expos of the Chicago meat-packing industry from the turn of the century. Eerily relevant to this day, the novel will be restaged within The Gallery, with the conventional materials of theatre both front stage and back props, score, sound effects, scenography, makeup and costumes strewn about the space, waiting to be imaginatively activated by the audience.

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