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Saper Galleries Picture Framer and Gallery Assistant

Seeking a professional picture framer who demonstrates the highest level of quality, proven dedication to excellence, and demonstrated competence in all tasks related to picture framing.  Must be an excellent communicator, intelligent, personable, friendly, reliable, responsible, hard-worker and have work history and references that are very positive.  Preference for a college graduate in the fine arts with experience in quality work with the hands.  


Additional Requirements

The candidate must have the following attributes for consideration:



Positive, friendly, kind, and respectful attitude 

Common sense in handling normal everyday tasks and seeing tasks that need to be accomplished 

Consistent hard worker

Dedication to accomplishment at the highest level of quality in all tasks

Phenomenal communication skills and use of proper language and grammar when speaking or in writing

Demonstrated ability to knowledgeably and intelligently communicate with a broad-ranging population which have high expectations

Demonstrated comprehension and accuracy in use of mathematics

Competence in accepting tasks and meeting obligations to fulfill them in a timely and efficient manner

Ability to make professional presentations with confidence, accuracy, and extraordinary knowledge of subject presented

Ability to work error-free in a demanding job where accuracy, professionalism, and high level of competence is required always

Ability to manage time so that tasks are accomplished within time constraints

Ability to provide the highest level of customer service that, as a norm, exceeds customer expectations always

Ability to perform all aspects of professional picture framing including

  - mat and framing design work with customers using knowledge of art and design aspects consistent with Saper        Galleries standards

  - creating work orders that are accurate always

  - performing all aspects of framing including 

          cutting mats, hinging or mounting artwork, building frames and finishing detail that meets Saper Galleries standards always

Ability to lift, work while standing, comfortably manage using stairs, properly work with hand tools

Punctuality, reliability, dependability 

Professional demeanor 

Ability to quickly learn and perform tasks as trained with consistency and efficiency

Creative and artistic

Understanding of art history, print-making and other art media



The job will include, but not be limited to:


Greeting and welcoming visitors to the gallery

Communicating with clients and others by telephone and email  

Processing art orders including accurate invoicing, packaging, and shipping

Designing matting and framing proposals appropriate for the artwork for both clients and gallery inventory

Cutting mats and frames, assembling and completing all other framing-related tasks perfectly

Accurately using database, spreadsheet, and other software

Efficiently researching art requests and communicating with artists represented by the gallery

Properly recording of payments received and handling of paperwork

Unpacking shipments and preparing materials for recycling

Designing and installing art exhibitions with efficiency, aesthetic balance, and without damaging material

Cleaning of work areas and other gallery spaces

Installing art at client locations

Using ladder and hand tools

Safely handling of art

Providing other assistance to gallery director and framing manager as requested


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Arts & Crafts Area Head



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  • If possible, works with the On-Site Program Coordinators in the spring to order art supplies for the program area.
  • Works with the On-Site Program Coordinators during the summer to order art supplies for the program area.
  • Maintains written records on the training and regular observation of staff members who work in the area.
  • Observes staff members who work in the area, providing coaching, encouragement, and necessary correction.
  • Keeps the physical program area neat and clean.
  • Develops and implements lesson plans for the Arts and Crafts camptivities and rainy day contingency plan.
  • Oversees Arts and Crafts supervision for either fun swim or twilight fun
  • Cares for and maintains equipment, supplies and property of camp
  • Keeps accurate records of camper achievement that can be used in subsequent years
  • Updates the Program Area Notebook and submits and inventory and list of needs at season's end.


  • Maintains the cleanliness of the living space and office space to which he or she is assigned.
  • Models, teaches, and upholds the Camp Echo Code of Conduct and protects the well-being of all campers.
  • Reports maintenance needs to the Property Manager.
  • Aids in the development and education of assistant counselors and CITs
  • Shares responsibility of staffing layovers or bus duty with other staff members
  • Shares in the planning and execution of flag raising and chapel duties
  • Maintains positive relationships with campers, parents and other staff
  • Encourages physical, emotional and spiritual growth and positive character development in all campers
  • · Practices cultural humility, striving to actively learn about and be sensitive to cultures different than their own

  • Prepared to do anything else deemed necessary by the Camp Director.
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