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I Had An Affair

Looking for an East Indian attractive man to be the fantasy love interest in a Dramody that will first be presented as a zoom play. The film will be endeavored next spring when the Covid problem might allow us to film. You will be able to read the dialogue for the radio show which will be produced in December or January. The actor should be between 40 and 50 and should have an air of authority because he is a business man. This is a light piece about a woman who fantasizes about a man she meets in a gas station stop. Totally PG material.


Art Exhibition Opportunity: VOTE

As part of its cultural involvement mission and believing in the change that art can bring, Playform announces "VOTE," a competition for a group exhibition dedicated to inspiring artworks that motivates people to vote. The exhibition aims at capturing this moment in history where art and technology, together, can be a driving force in showing how democracy can survive and thrive through people practicing their right to vote.

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