Joshua Hoskins | Fine Artist | Berlin | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Fine Artist
Specialties: Oilpainting, watercolor, pencil drawing

- About -

My artwork takes images from popular culture, strips them of context, juxtaposes them to one another, melts them together. I want the viewer to see underneath the images I present, I want to subvert the source images original intention. I'm interested in closing the distance to the art object and stripping away the barriers between the viewer and direct experience with the art object. I want the image to penetrate the viewer and make them feel. I want these feelings to contradict one another. I want the viewer to hold a conversation with my art and without the feeling that there is something they are supposed to understand. My work is sensual, I use the language of desire, power, and sex in order to subvert our assumptions surrounding those subjects. I’m interested in the accident, chance, the unintended. I want to relate the unrelated. I want to point in many different directions at once. I want to talk about the things we have no words for. I want the viewer to pull from the depths the things we know but have yet to articulate.