Justin | none | Sioux Falls | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: Sioux Falls
Industry: Visual Arts
Professional Title: none
Specialties: Photoshop, acrylic and oil painting, Branding & Design; concept; illustration; Drawing; Painting

- About -

Justin Heisler is a 30 year old painter/artist who currently lives in his home town of Sioux Falls, South Dakota where he continues to grow as an artist and strives for consistent development within his work. For Justin constant stylistic/conceptual evolution has always been very important, as it plays a crucial role in keeping himself grounded. He has always found value in implicating humility within oneself. Justin says that for him keeping grounded as well as making any claims of certainty regarding one's social status or self worth is the lullabye keeping his ego from waking and infecting his work (he has often referred to his ego as "the sleeping giant") Justin's work often is centered around moldable concepts such as ghosts, consciousness, and light/dark energy. Often implying that these terms are as loose as they are because of our human tendency to compartmentalize the obscure, which combined with our inability to fully understand what lies beyond. He The one common theme that ties Justin's ever evolving work is an emphasis or stress that society needs to take into account and recognize the absurdity behind labeling the unknown, for it is this lack of recognition that Justin believes is keeping us in the dark while we continue our own ignorance.