Karolina Skorek | Artist, Photographer | Chester | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Chester
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Artist, Photographer

- About -

I create surreal images that are dark yet beautiful and full of hope, by using ethereal, whimsical and fairytale visuals. Each image tells a story, and each story is part of a larger narrative running constantly in my imagination. Each image is exploring female archetypes and the shadow manifestation in art and is fueled by folk tales and old belief systems. These works are constructed before the camera or computer is ever used through pre conceptualisation and research, and only when the image is designed and planned will it be created. Those works, heavily edited to achieve painterly effect yet remain fully photographic, depict wild imagination filled with dark, dream-like scenes with whimsical subjects. Each story brings light and hopes to the brooding melancholy we all have inside us.