Kirstin Reay | Fine Artist | Petersfield | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: Petersfield
Industry: Fine Arts
Professional Title: Fine Artist
Specialties: Fine Art oil painting, Illustration and Fine Art Drawing

- About -

I am a 24 year old Fine Art graduate inspired by nature and landscapes, and, lately, the idea that the World is alive; I want to portray this idea through the use of colour and brush marks. Artist's that I am inspired by include, but are not limited to Scott Naismith, Georgia O’Keeffe and Happy D. I paint how I see the World/how I would like to see the World - in a positive light. My brightly coloured, dreamy, whimsical landscapes and florals are a form of escapism. As a sufferer of OCD/anxiety, I create my own little worlds to escape to where everything is idyllic.