Lance Ravenswood | Illustrator | Berlin | Art Jobs
Country: Germany
City: Berlin
Industry: Art Direction
Professional Title: Illustrator
Specialties: Illustration, Cafe Design, visual communication

- About -

Hello I’m Lance Ravenswood (*1990, New Zealand) I like to say I’m an Artist of many fields. Freelancing in graphic design, modular construction, film and even flat whites. I’m self taught in Drawing, mentored in cafes, studio floors and down dimly lit alleyways. Illustration has been my torchlight to expression, drawing the world and telling unusual stories of love in space. Now I’ve found all leading towards exploring what mankind's role will be in the cosmos, and how we may carry our long history of spiritual understanding into the stars, with some wit and complete obsession with tech & robots along the way. Working with black, white, yellow, and liquid chrome.