Dive in your Creativity and Femininity


Butterfly Theatre Presents;

Dive in your Creativity and Femininity

Butterfly Theatre is the Theatre of Transformations it is my own theatre practice moving and flowing with what we feel, physical theatre, movement and dance, social and spirituality, applied theatre and experimenting with Performance and Creative process.

In this workshop we are going to investigate and tap in your creativity and femininity working on creativity, softness, woman archetypes, connecting body, heart, mind, soul and nature.

During my 4 meetings one to one I want you be saved and free to be yourself and express in that way, we are going investigate with you how can you be more creative, dance, move, sing and performer if you wish I’ll share my awareness about womb healing and ways to unblock traumas in the solar plexus. Some subjects that we are going to work on;

What is the essence of feminine energy and connection with natural elements? Focus on  Water element

How to use your intuition and imagination? What is your creative side?

Diving your womb, meditation, connection and healing

Expresses your creativity and women nature archetypes

Dates: - 04/11/2021- zoom or skype sections-

How to apply – write an email explaining about your feelings and needs or any question to contactnovaes@gmail.com


Flyer photo Credit by Pyza Kestner

A bit about me

Hi! My name is Renata and it is a pleasure to meet you. I’m from Brazil and my favourite song is the African disco track ‘Free my People’, and I want to present as sarara creola, indigena, saltwater is sweet, whipped up by the high wind. My long career in theatre has given me enough experience to be an actress for educational and experimental theatre and I have worked on marvellous films that received nominations at the Cannes and Berlin film festivals, but all the while, I wanted to discover my own way of doing things, which is how I found in Performance Arts, and my Theatre Practice  called Butterfly Theatre where I could be inspired by nature, people, places, dreams and cultures. I’m also a nature photographer  and a cheese lover. Here I’m going to share with  you when I do things from my soul.

Love and water for all of us,

Renata Novaes

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4 weeks
Upon Request

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