5 Keys - a course on rehearsal methods for directors, teachers and actors





The well-known director and theatre teacher Dr Jurij Alschitz offers an in-depth course on different directing and rehearsal methods for directors;  also extremely useful for acting/directing teachers, theatre pedagogues and educators as well as actors and performers who are in many ways directors of their own roles and should know these working methods.

“The true art of directing reveals itself in the ability to work with actors.”

The most important task and challenge for the director is not the conception of a production, but its realisation with the actors on stage. The actor is the most important, but also the most complex, the most unpredictable material that the director encounters and has to deal with in the process of working on a play.

Five Keys:

All rehearsal methods can be compared to keys with which you can, so to speak, "open” the actor, the role and the play. They, like all keys, are somewhat similar, but nevertheless differ in a small "prong" and therefore open different locks. There is no one universal key that fits for Shakespeare and for Chekhov, for comedy and for tragedy, for every actor and for every theatre. There is only one exception - that is, the lockpick or the axe. However, it is not advisable to use break-in methods.

Every director/actor should master more than one method of rehearsal. What works well for one writer or actor is a waste of time for another. Therefore, a director needs to have several methods in reserve for a good production, just as the actor needs to have several methods in reserve for his role creation. Each method requires time and practice to learn so that it can be used creatively in rehearsals. In this course, Jurij Alschitz will present in detail five methods for working with actors - five keys for accessing a play or a role:

Table-Stage-Table-Method (15 + 17 March)
Constellation-Method (22 + 24 March)
Storytelling-Method (29 + 31 March)
Big Bang-Method (5 + 7 April)
Improvisation-Method (12 + 14 April)
always from 2 pm to 7 pm (UTC+1)

For the detailed description of the 5 modules please go to the announcement /link.

You can enrol separately for each topic. (90€)

early bird until 15 February for the whole course: 360€ !


10 online sessions
Wednesday, March 15, 2023 to Friday, April 14, 2023
390 €
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