New Strategies & Techniques in Portraiture with Rob Silverman


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This class will concentrate on painting the portrait in a traditional and realistic manner using modern, simplified techniques. Students will paint or draw the portrait from a single pose from a live model over the course of 6 sessions. The following concepts will be explored and supported by handouts as well as demonstrations:

The effect of light on the form and how to choose an optimal lighting set-up to reveal the key ‘landmark’ features.

Creating dramatic effects by massing in the large forms and planes prior to detail exploration

Compositional guidelines that take the mystery out of positioning the head on the canvas.

Guides for establishing fleshtones that convey the illusion of depth, and produce pleasing color harmony.

Unique techniques to help convey likeness, expression and personality.

The class includes demos, handouts and personalized critique, tailored to the experience level of the student. Oil, pastel, charcoal, graphite and watercolor are welcomed

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6 weeks
$340 members / $375 Non members

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