Pop Philosophy presents - The Inner Theater: Poetics of Self & Other


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In a time when we are quarantined from others, separated from the world yet utterly unable to be separate from what’s happening in it, how can our imagination provide relief, pleasure, play, companionship and presence?

In this workshop hosted by collective.aporia, let’s have affairs with alter egos, witness the strangeness of the self, listen well, and process the present melodrama with our bodies and minds. This workshop will involve interactive readings.

[Please note that this is a two month workshop. Participants can sign up for December, January, or both.]

The goals of this workshop:

  • collaborate with the absurdity of this moment 
  • create an alter ego to play with
  • write, create, imagine, express, perform  
  • get out of our comfort zones, ask tough questions
  • connect to self and other
  • engage with our bodies to process


  • paper & pencil or pen (we encourage writing by hand)
  • hashtags: #letsgetfamous #yourefamous #werefamous #risingstar #beastar


Gabrielle Lessans and Danielle Ferrara are friends, poets and escapologists. Their collaborative contributions to the community include co-teaching college seminars, running memory care workshops and organizing underground poetry parties. Along with poet Marie Conlan, they founded Nocturne School of Lucid Writing.

Dani (MFA, Creative Writing & Poetics) is an experimental writer who wishes to obey nothing but the wild, all-consuming power of imagination. She feels called to seek joyful fascination in the face of finitude. From pseudoscientific philosophy to trance and shadow writing, her poetics engages with a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Gabrielle (MFA & RYT) is an experimental poet who fixates on dream, space, desire & birdsong. Certified in over 600 hours of mindful, somatic, & intuitive training, she orients toward the hearth where deep play & healing most intersect. Her pedagogy mirrors her poetic process; in that both tend to hinge on a contemplative, gentle humor toward the bodymind & other. 

Gabrielle and Danielle have remained in a state of perpetual shmooz since meeting at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics. Often, they masquerade as fictional former child stars Pam Swart and Perpetua Shnee, AKA Pop Philosophy. They have yet to receive free coffee on their shared birthday.


  • This workshop runs from December 1, 2020-January 31, 2021. 
  • All workshops are online, donation-based, and open to all mediums, languages, and skill levels. 
  • Workshops consist of one video per week for each week in the month. Videos are 45-60 minutes long, and are shared on a private YouTube account.
  • Class discussions are held via Slack.
  • All readings, creative prompts, and shared artwork will be exchanged via a private Google Drive folder.
  • All workshops are designed for you. Dedicate as much or as little time to the workshop per week as you'd like.
  • This workshop is taught in English, but collective.aporia offers subtitles for the workshop videos in over 60 languages. If you have questions about language accommodations, please feel free to email us at collective.aporia@gmail.com. 

Hope to see you there!

[Image credit: Gabrielle Lessans & Dani Ferrara]


December 1- January 31 (Rolling registration)
Donation based

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