Exploring Abstract Art


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EXPLORING ABSTRACT ART, Following the Call of Your Creative Voice is for those wanting to learn, explore, and express. Whether you are a beginning artist or an artist seeking new vitality, this course will enrich your life. 

You will learn the 7 Elements of Art (composition, lines/marks, shapes, contrast, structure, rhythm, color) through modules released every two weeks for 14 weeks. Each module contains an introductory video showing the importance of each Element through slide shows, exercises, and assignments. There is a community FaceBook page for sharing images, live Q&A sessions, and bonus material. This course is designed to help you understand the Elements, have fun creating, trust your creative intuition, and build your confidence to make your own dynamic Abstract Art Images. 

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14 weeks
$900 to $1400 w/optional, additional studio classes

Suzanne Jacquot: sjacquot@sonic.net