The mastery of professional directing





Five Essentials for Directing

Five intensive meetings of two days each, online

We talk about the art of directing and the craft of directing. In summation, we will get the mastery of professional directing.

Jurij Alschitz, who has staged a multitude of performances all over the world, will combine the classical school of craftsmanship with innovative techniques in this course. Your own mastery can be seen when you can confidently deal with a wide range of options and start experimenting on a professional basis.

Directors ask actors to trust them. As artists we should not be afraid to take risks, but as directors we have an enormous responsibility – towards art and towards our actors. The greatest happiness is to create works together – and this process lies in the hands of the director. When it happens, we speak of mastery. There is no recipe for this, but there are professional ways to get there. This course invites you to do so, with 5 topics for 5 meetings over two days each. You can attend one or all of them:

Meeting one. Energy – a matter of life (18/19 May)

Meeting two. Composition – the road of life (25/26 May)

Meeting three. The space of events (1/2 June)

Meeting four. The director’s text analysis (8/9 June)

Meeting Five. The supreme discipline: The director’s work with actors (15/16 June)



18 May - 16 June 2022
Sunday, May 1, 2022 to Wednesday, June 1, 2022
360 €
Awarded by: 
World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT research centre of the International Theatre Institute