This is My Way - How to start with acting





Online Seminar with Christine Schmalor
For artists before and at the beginning of their career

4 + 5 Nov | 11 + 12 Nov (Sat/Sun) always from 11-13:00

In the Beginning there was Chaos

This is a course before you start learning acting. This is also a course before you accept your first engagement.

A course that helps to concretise the individual vision of theatre, because your personal image of theatre is the only compass that will guide you through your formation and your engagements.

You want to prepare yourself for the life in theatre. For sure you already asked yourself, why? And I am sure, you found already good reasons. So, let’s start. But with what should one start? Of course we first want to know how it works. And the first thing you look for are skills and methods. My recommendation: Forget about it. You will get them later. What sense does it make to have sophisticated tools if you don’t have a plan what to do with them? First, you should understand what you are really looking for. 

Don’t ask me, and don’t ask anyone else besides yourself!

Start your journey of discovery. Do not expect immediate answers. Just start by being curious and asking questions. Now, if you will use them creatively and constructively, even giving up the path of logic in favour of contradictory truths, you might come to a point when you can think two things at once and do three things simultaneously – you are on the right path to a complex artistic freedom.

  • This course prepares you for a different artistic horizon. You will open the beauty of hypertext thinking, and learn to feel at home in the complex world of art – and philosophy.
  • This is a course full of practical exercises and tasks that you can continue afterwards with yourself, with friends and colleagues – with everyone who thinks and acts artistically!
  • This course can only be the initial impulse for a long individual path that you will take as an artist.

Teaching language: English

Format: 4 Sessions (2 h) on 2 days on 2 weekends
If you have missed a session or want to listen again, you have the option of watching the recording for a month.


4+5 | 11+12 November 2023
Saturday, November 4, 2023 to Sunday, November 12, 2023
80 €
Awarded by: 
World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT research centre of the International Theatre Institute

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World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT

Berlin, Germany




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