Sharing Secrets - The Art of Composition


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Jurij Alschitz

With the Sharing Secrets series of the Online Theatre Academy, theatre practitioners have the unique opportunity to learn from the life-long international experience of a Master in theatre.

The Art of Composition is the art of construction - of the role, the performance, or a play. It is the art of the director to link scenes, word images, emotions, themes, light, sound, etc. and to connect them in the most diverse ways. It is the art of combination, of leading and subordinating, of harmony and chaos. Montage shows itself to be an important part of the art of directing. Where should one start? What is important, what is not? On the basis of which definition of composition do I ask my questions? Are you aware of the difference between composition and the structure of a performance?

Composition is a sort of artistic language - this language is understood without words. The art of composition is particularly important for the modern language of the stage, because it shows the clarity of directing as if under a burning glass. It is compass that gives orientation to everyone - the artists on stage and the audience. 

Before you begin with a composition, you must know its laws and way of life. Composition in contemporary theatre is not just a technical form, but also a living one: it breathes, speaks to us and conveys the content of the play and the idea. The largest percentage of the success of a performance is based on a brilliant, dynamic composition of the director.

With this practice-oriented course, you can expect to learn a number of things beyond general school knowledge: about the many different types of composition, about secrets of montage and energy management, and how to approach theatre from a compositorial point of view.

This course will be held in 3 zoom meetings of 2 hours each. In case you miss a session, you have the opportunity to watch the recording in the two following days.
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24 May + 31 May + 7 June 2021 | 2 - 4 PM (UTC+2)
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