Online Workshop: Video editing and storytelling basics





Online workshop in three parts by Ralitsa Kamenova (23, 24 and 25.07.2020)
Enroll until 21th July, 2020. Availability is limited to 10 participants.
Participation Fee: 30 EUR for the 3 sessions

Via structured sessions with examples and discussion this course will help you to communicate your ideas appropriately not only in video, but in general. You’ll get a sense of what are the basic rules and how you can experiment with them, or even break them.

Part 1: The Basics of Storytelling - lecture with discussion
23rd July | 16:00 UTC
Duration: 1 Hour
Sometimes an ambitious visual vision for your project isn’t enough. So how do you communicate this vision to your viewers? Discussing the very essential and crucial moments in storytelling as well as the basic techniques used in films.

Part 2: The Language of Cinema
24th July | 16:00 UTC
Duration: 1 Hour
Films and video art happen to be universal. Everyone around the globe should be able to understand the story you want to tell them. This is why we need to learn how to speak the Language of Cinema, so that one day we’ll write poems in it. As a language that consists of visuals, we’ll touch upon its different components such as cinematography, editing, sound and music,etc. How are these components helping us communicate the story better?

Part 3: Expanded cinema
25th July | 16:00 UTC
Duration: 1 Hour
After we’ve created a sense for traditional films, it’s time to take a look into the experimental ones. When we know all the basic rules of how films work, then we’re ready to break or even bend those rules. How a need for experimentation with films changed the face of cinema? Who are the people that were at the core of the modern video art and experimental films?

*After making the payment, you will receive confirmation e-mail with a private link for Zoom – where the session will be held.

Ralitsa Kamenova | Film Editor & Photographer, Bulgaria
Ralitsa Kamenova is a Bulgarian film editor and photographer. In her work, Ralitsa is always interested in documenting what surrounds us and likes to explore controversial stories in conversation with the audience. She has edited short films, documentaries, music videos, and commercials.

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Three days
Thursday, July 23, 2020
30 euro

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