The Actor as Storyteller - The Power of Words and Images - online





Acting course with Christine Schmalor

6 sessions, twice a week, of 2,5 hours always from 15:00 – 17:30 UTC+1 | Berlin time
Wednesday 22 November  | Friday 24 November
Wednesday 29 November | Friday 01 December
Wednesday 06 December| Friday 08 December

The concept of narrative is omnipresent today. An age-old tradition has been reinvented. Let’s just call it storytelling and get back to the core of our profession. Sometimes we forget the power and the impact. It is the very simplicity that holds surprises in how storytelling can be used in the creative process. This course looks at storytelling as a basis for approaching a role, creating a character and as a rehearsal method or play development. Storytelling is the uninhibited freedom of the fantasy. However, we need experience and know-how to allow it to flourish and find its way to the listener, where it in turn triggers multiple fantasies. We will explore and try out different principles of storytelling; in monologue, in dialogue, as an ensemble.

In this context we will also talk about “myth”. How do we discover modern or ancient myths in the texts in front of us? How do we invent and tell new ones? How do we transform myths into stage language?

Another topic cannot be ignored in this context: the significance of the “image”. No story and no stage action can work without the inner image of the storyteller. What does that mean in practical terms? Can I train the ability to imagine? Yes. But then there is another step: how do I arrive at my personal artistic image as an all-encompassing guide? We will talk about many things, but the focus will always be on putting them into practice. Numerous exercises and tasks will make this course an intensive artistic encounter.

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3 weeks
Wednesday, November 22, 2023 to Friday, December 8, 2023
180 € | early bird rate of 160 € until 1 November 2023
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World Theatre Training Institute AKT-ZENT research centre of the International Theatre Institute

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