Create unique blue print images!


This one-day alternative process workshop introduces the wonders and possibilities of printing your negatives or creating silhouette collages on blue colored Cyanotypes using many paper types and fabric.  Cyanotypes can be printed onto any 2D surface and use UV light to create a print. Use your imagination to open up a world of creative possibilities in this traditional alternative photographic process workshop.


Students will learn coating and drying techniques on various surfaces. We will also discuss the preparation of a variety of surfaces including paper and cloth. Students will then prepare, coat and dry their projects.  Then students will create Cyanotype prints on readied substrates. After printing we will explore finishing options for this unique process. 


CLASS REQUIREMENTS: **Optional** - Large format Digital or traditional negatives ready for printing, or items for collaged photogram Cyanotype contact prints, Darkroom experience is not necessary to participate.

CLASS SIZE: This class has a minimum of 4 participants and has a maximum of 6 participants.

WHAT TO BRING: Students may bring their favorite large format BW or Digital negatives if they have them (not required).  We will provide a variety of materials for students to choose from for their project including paper, and fabric. We will also provide cyanotype chemistry, and necessary equipment. We encourage students to bring items that you might like use in the silhouette contact print i.e. feathers, flowers, leaves, fabric, cutout shapes, things that can be pressed underneath glass for a contact print. For this workshop we recommend porous surfaces such as paper, and fabric that do not need special pre-treatment. Glass, metal, and, ceramics are not recommended for this introductory workshop.


DATES & TIMES: Class Times: 11:00AM to 3:00PM. Class Dates:  Sunday, October 23RD, 2022.


COST: This 1 day workshop has a registration fee of $125 (includes $30 material fees). Please register via the online form below. Lunch will be provided. Students with dietary restrictions are asked to bring their own. Artist Members save 10% off all workshops.  Use your workshop member code at purchase for discount. 

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Sarah Weiss is a Saint Paul based photographer and educator.  Sarah earned her MFA at Rochester Institute of Technology in NY.  Sarah has many years of experience working in alternative photographic processes.  Sarah has shown her artwork locally within the twin cities and regionally for the past 9 years.

QUESTIONS? For more information contact or call 612-345-5571.


CLASS WITHDRAWAL/CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: Payment in full is required at the time of registration. If the class is full we will put you on a contact list for the next scheduled class. Notice of withdrawal must be made two weeks in advance. There is no penalty to transfer to the next scheduled class. A 50% refund can be issued at this time if that is your preference. There are no refunds for notice given less than two weeks before the class though transfers may be made up to one week in advance. There are no refunds for no shows.


5 Hours
Saturday, October 1, 2022
Darkroom experience is not necessary to participate.

Praxis Gallery & Photo Center 

2637 27th Ave. S.
(NW Corner of Ivy Arts Parking Lot) Minneapolis, MN 55406.