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Beginners Guide to Digital Photography – Level 2






This course is the logic follow up to our Level 1 course. It is aimed at those who already know the basics of digital photography, know how their camera works and who want to step it up a level.

Held in the evenings and based in a relaxed and professional classroom environment, this course includes three sessions over three weeks. Alongside theory, participants will undertake practical projects both indoors and on location in the local area, as well as being set small practical assignments in between each session.

Each participant on this intermediate DSLR course will further their knowledge of digital photography and their creative potential, by learning exposure in-depth, understanding histograms, sensor sizes, perspective, light metering and more.

This course will also cover lenses, filters and focal lengths as well as mastering composition using a combination of creative and technical knowledge. Image processing and the best options for post production will also be discussed and participants are encouraged to bring in an image for discussion.

Course Content:
Exposure in depth
Calculating exposure in Stops
Histograms and Tonal Range
Understanding and recognising correct exposure using Histograms
Metering modes
Focal length
Prime vs zoom lenses
Lens impact on Depth of Field
Angle of View and perspective
Custom White Balance
Colour temperature
Calibrating and profiling (camera, monitor, printers)
RAW vs Jpeg
Bit Depth
Sensor sizes
Manual Focus vs Auto Focus
Incident and reflective light metering
How the digital image is constructed and how it differs from film
Composition – utilising creative and technical knowledge
Flash – main source of light and fill in
Lens flare
Discussing the purpose of Photoshop and post-production
Requirements: Digital SLR Camera & and prior knowledge equivalent to the Level 1 version of this course.

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18.30 - 21.30 (3-week evening course)

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Photography Course London
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