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This course is aimed at people who have a decent comprehension of the technical elements of photography and want to look deeper into the ideas and techniques behind great portraits. This course will allow you to get the very best from your portrait photography creatively, emotionally and technically.

Taking place over a full day in a classroom environment students will experience both theory and practical assignments as we study the work of the greats of portrait photography from Julia Margaret Cameron through Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz to Nadav Kander and David Lachapelle. 
We will also look at what is a portrait lens, composition and atmosphere. We will then practice the techniques and ideas we have learned and end up attempting to recreate one of the images we have studied.

The focus on this course is on creativity, but does include some technical elements and a good technical knowledge and understanding of your camera is required.

Course Content:
The Big Question – What do we want to capture through a portrait and what will we inevitably achieve?
A study of the greats – We look at the work of some of the great portrait photographers and dissect their images.
How to compose a Portrait – The head and shoulders vs The story
We look at how to use natural light for portraits through images and practical exercises
We will use a simple one light studio flash portrait set up
Kit – What is a portrait lens?
How to interact with your subject for the best results.
A practical session where we try and recreate a portrait from one of our chosen greats.
Requirements: Digital SLR Camera or Bridge Camera with fully manual controls.
Participants attending this course must have a competent knowledge of their camera and understand the basics of exposure.

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