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Online Seminar: Productive Artist Process







PRODUCTIVE ARTIST PROCESS (27.07, 3 and 10.08)

Online Course in three parts by the Australian artist Ida Sophia
Enroll until 25th July. Availability is limited to 10 artists.
Participation Fee: 60 EUR for the 3 seminars

Creative strategies for productivity
The productive artistic process is a course on ideas, tools, methods and processes for artists seeking to reset their career journey and studio practice.

Session One: Productive artistic process
27th July | 12:00 UTC
Duration: 2 Hours
The Artist Manifesto Practical Tools
Goals: Research, Planning, Action

Session Two: Productive artistic process
3rd August | 12:00 UTC
Duration: 2 Hours
This week’s content will be directed from the results of an activity in the first class. It will focus on exploring the goals you want to achieve in your practice.
Topics have covered previously:
- Writing applications
- Making without fear
- Organizing a solo exhibition
- Selling prints online
- Social media strategy
- Writing an artist statement
- Writing a bio
- Making/renewing artist website
- Networking

Session Three: Productive artistic process
10th August | 12:00 UTC
Duration: 2 Hours
The silent critique. We cannot move forward without a constructive and critical eye on our own practice and that of our community, even if it is a temporary Zoom community. The last session will be dedicated to a class critique of each participant’s current work. Ida will introduce the silent critique and give a short lecture on ways to approach it.
*After making the payment, you will receive confirmation e-mail with a private link for Zoom – where the session will be held.

Ida Sophia
Performance Artist, Australia

With a practice focused on time-based durational works, sculpture, installation and sound, Ida Sophia weaves the idea of 'Momento Mori' (Remember that you shall die) through her works. Ida uses this narrative to investigate experiences of grief and loss, offering rituals for recovery and renewal through acts of weighted process.
Ida lives and works in Adelaide, Australia.

WOC Lecture Series is initiative with online lectures, workshops and moderated discussions, taught by artists, organized by World of Co Artist Residency.
World of Co Artist Residency is multidisciplinary program, established in 2017 and based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Until now the residency hosted more than 100 artist from all around the world. This May WOC launched their first Online Artist Residency Program.


Tuesday, July 28, 2020 - 13:00
60 euro

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