barbara prada | architectural designer | London | Art Jobs
Country: United Kingdom
City: London
Industry: Design
Professional Title: architectural designer
Specialties: CAD drawing, Concept development, Research

- About -

My journey of working with light began with simply looking at and admiring daily light phenomena in nature and our built environment. I have trained my eyes to constantly observe where the light is coming from, the quality it possesses, the colour of it, if it comes from a natural or artificial source of light and many other considerations. My work is based around using these qualities to design light experiences which encourage the viewer to pause and contemplate. It’s about being present in a space and having a conscious awareness of the experience. I create light objects where the design could be scalable to fit any environment from a domestic realm to a gallery space. The research combines theories and scientific knowledge of light, colour, materiality and movement – each playing a role in the overall light effect. People see forms in light, light and shade reveal these forms. The creation of elemental or ethereal light effects through these techniques creates spaces where a contemplative and meditative ambience can be appreciated. My design process has been largely based around found materials such as scrap metals, which I have manipulated and shaped and made central to my pieces. We live in a world saturated with objects, disposable, and often with an assumed obsolescence. My aim is to design objects that can have a positive impact and a materiality that suggests permanence.