Lourans Mikhail | Visual Artist, Graphic Designer | San Diego | Art Jobs
Country: United States
City: San Diego
Industry: Arts & Culture
Professional Title: Visual Artist, Graphic Designer
Specialties: Proffessional quallity typography, Art murals, ceramic sculpture

- About -

Lourans Mikhail was born in Baghdad, Iraq. At the age of one, his parents fled religious persecution due to being Assyrian (Eastern Orthodox/Christian). At the age of two, after immigrating to the US, Chicago became home. Growing up in the city and lack of funding in public schools, and no art programs, graffiti became his escape. At the age of 22 and shortly after 9/11, he enlisted into the Marines. Art took a backseat and became virtually nonexistent during this time. After serving 13 honorable years and deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan he decided to switch careers and attended the Art Institute of California, San Diego. He graduated in December 2018 with his Bachelors's in graphic and web design. Being introduced to traditional typography, the love with the letter forms was reignited. Mixing street art, typography, calligraphy, graphic design, and traditional art he uses mixed media (spray paint, Acrylics, oil, pencil, charcoal, markers, clay sculpting, and woodworking) to visualize emotions and bring conscious thought to issues surrounding society. Always experimenting with different artistic styles, from hyper-realism, graffiti, abstract paintings, and sculpting, his work has been in several shows in San Diego and is constantly expanding his repertoire.